White Cishet Man Receives GLAAD Award After Adding ‘He/Him’ To Email Signature

Sources report that Jackson Wright, a white cishet financial analyst, recently received the prestigious GLAAD Ally Award for boldly adding “he/him” pronouns to his email signature. According to his colleagues, he was the first straight man at his Boston-based firm to take such a heroic step.


“I noticed he’d added pronouns to his signature when he sent a company-wide email announcing he’d added pronouns to his signature,” said Felicia Tilman, a colleague of Wright’s. “He’s just so brave!” 


Wright cites Fast & Furious 7 star, Jason Statham, as his inspiration for the courageous update. “He said something in an interview about it I think,” said Wright. “And I was like ‘if Statham is doing it, I’m doing it.”


Last year, the Ally Award was given to John Hellerstedt, a white cishet man who only took two months to correctly use they/them pronouns when referring to a non-binary coworker. Much like Hellerstedt, Wright was honored to receive it.


“I just want to thank my colleagues and everyone here. As you know, this was not an easy step for me to take,” said Wright during his acceptance speech. “And sorry, what does GLAAD stand for again?”

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