Wow! Ariana Grande Has A New Tattoo That Says ‘Not Racist Bulgogi Cloud’

This is a huge step for Asian representation in pop music! Ariana Grande has another new tattoo, and this one reads “Not Racist Bulgogi Cloud.” We stan a legend!

It’s about time a white pop star embraced Asian culture, and melanin goddess Ariana Grande is going for it! After her last tattoo, “Barbecue Grill,” drew backlash from Twitter last month, the “thank u, next” singer decided she would make it up to fans by getting a tattoo that proudly states “Not Racist Bulgogi Cloud” across her clavicles in English letters.

What a great way to bring awareness to the fact that Ariana Grande is not a racist and loves grilled meat, thinly sliced and marinated in a soy sauce mixture!

White Twitter is blowing up with support for the Grammy nominee:

Hopefully, this will inspire more white pop stars to brand themselves with Asian characters, because it sure is cute and exotic!

This isn’t the only thing Ariana is doing to embrace Asian culture. Everyone knows that in her song “Bad Idea,” you can hear voices in the background calling our skinny queen “Ari-Chan.”

Most people don’t know that she’s included some easter eggs in the background of even more tracks on her album. For example, on her song “Ghostin” you can hear her whisper, “hentai tentacles mukbang Pikachu” during the bridge in a gorgeous tribute to her Asian fans. If you play “Imagine” backwards, you can hear a secret message from Ari-Chan herself, where she’s reading an excerpt from Memoirs of a Geisha in broken Japanese. Wow!

The former Nickelodeon star has reportedly been learning Japanese since 2015. In regards to how often she practices, the Duolingo Owl has said of Grande that “These reminders don’t seem to be working. We’ll stop sending them now.” Talk about dedication!

Haters on Twitter gave their two cents on Ariana “Harajuku” Grande’s new ink:

We didn’t bother translating that last tweet, but wouldn’t it look great tattooed on Ariana’s back? Negative comments like this are not to be taken seriously, obviously, since Ariana “Love You Long Time” Grande loves everything Asian, from dubbed anime to vegan quinoa sushi!

Of course, there will always be critics, but when self-proclaimed “Boba Babe” Ariana was being ruthlessly attacked by people with no taste, Nicki “Chun-Li” Minaj rushed to the defense of her new tattoo in a now-deleted tweet that says, “On behalf of all Asian women, y’all are reaching! Also, Ari can’t be racist. She’s like Spanish or something.”

When asked about the inspiration for her new tattoo, Ariana “Waifu Pillow” Grande had this to say:

Take a sip of that scalding hot DOUBLE DRAGON OOLONG TEA, henny!

Photo: Jun Sato/GC Images
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