Missing Queer Found Alive in Massive Sweater

Leffler took matters into his own hands and gained access to Wasserman’s apartment after getting in touch with her Craigslist roommate, a white noise artist named Yuri Engleman. Another friend found Engleman’s SoundCloud account under his stage name, “Hunk Catastrophe”. Leffler then found Morgan comfortably swaddled in her room surrounded by empty mugs of tea, watching Steven Universe.

Pete Buttigieg Podcast Just 45 Minutes Of The Sound Of Rolling Up Sleeves

In 2020, it seemed as though everyone who doesn’t already have one is trying to start a podcast, the brand new audio medium that burst onto the scene over a decade ago. Stars from Conan O’Brien and Dax Shepherd have recently created podcasts of their own, and politicians are close behind with Pete Buttigieg getting in on the action. The new U.S. Secretary of Transportation has taken a unique direction; upon first listen, it appears to be simply forty five minutes of the sound of rolling up sleeves.