Hark! It’s Carol Season!

‘Tis the season for longing looks, meaningful touches, and forbidden love. As we don our gayest and most impeccably tailored apparel, we celebrate the most wonderful time of year, Carol season. Though we watch Carol all year long, this is the time to go all out.

We decorate for Carol season with toy train sets and mid-century motel furniture. Snow, holiday trees, tinsel, and twinkly lights are also in keeping with the season. Traditional Carol season clothing include 1950s silhouettes, red holiday hats, and gloves. And some people go full Carol with a luxurious fur coat.

Lesbians Can’t Stop Proposing to Each Other At The Same Time

Long-time lesbians, Layla and Sheryl both had big plans for their anniversary brunch last Sunday. After finishing off their vegan chilaquiles, Layla Singh stepped away from the table and got down on one knee. However, before she could even reveal the silver band etched with glowing symbols, her girlfriend, Sheryl Simons jumped out of her seat and pulled an identical ring out from under her flannel.