Making Herstory! Pete Buttigieg Threw The First McKinsey Happy Hour At Stonewall Inn

Yas kween! Slay! In honor of Pride Month, Secretary of Transportation Buttigieg threw the first McKinsey Happy Hour at the HERstoric Stonewall Inn. McKinsey & Company was a natural corporate sponsor of the Pride event. In addition to being Secretary Buttigieg’s former employer and donor to his Presidential campaign, the storied management consulting firm boasts clients such as ICE, Enron, and Purdue Pharma. Werk.

Studio Wins Bidding War For Rights To Ossoff/Buttigieg Porn Parody

Porn studio announced that it had won the competitive bidding war for a multi-picture deal to create a series of porn parodies based on Senator Ossoff from Georgia and President Biden’s new Secretary of Transportation.

The three picture deal will trace the exploits of the pair through their sexual exploits in Washington D.C. Sources close to the deal say that this could also lay the groundwork for a Neo-Liberal Pornographic Universe.

Pete Buttigieg Podcast Just 45 Minutes Of The Sound Of Rolling Up Sleeves

In 2020, it seemed as though everyone who doesn’t already have one is trying to start a podcast, the brand new audio medium that burst onto the scene over a decade ago. Stars from Conan O’Brien and Dax Shepherd have recently created podcasts of their own, and politicians are close behind with Pete Buttigieg getting in on the action. The new U.S. Secretary of Transportation has taken a unique direction; upon first listen, it appears to be simply forty five minutes of the sound of rolling up sleeves.