Lab Results Determine Man Self-Diagnosed As ‘Spiraling’ Is Just Dehydrated

Emergency Room workers at Mount Sinai Hospital reached a routine diagnosis of dehydration after running labs for Brian Thomas, a 27 year old Social Media Manager. Thomas checked himself into the ER earlier that day claiming he had come down with a severe case of “spiraling”. While he claimed that he was feeling intense symptoms of “can’t even,” labs concluded Brian was clearly just dehydrated.

Making Herstory! Pete Buttigieg Threw The First McKinsey Happy Hour At Stonewall Inn

Yas kween! Slay! In honor of Pride Month, Secretary of Transportation Buttigieg threw the first McKinsey Happy Hour at the HERstoric Stonewall Inn. McKinsey & Company was a natural corporate sponsor of the Pride event. In addition to being Secretary Buttigieg’s former employer and donor to his Presidential campaign, the storied management consulting firm boasts clients such as ICE, Enron, and Purdue Pharma. Werk.