Missing Queer Found Alive in Massive Sweater

Leffler took matters into his own hands and gained access to Wasserman’s apartment after getting in touch with her Craigslist roommate, a white noise artist named Yuri Engleman. Another friend found Engleman’s SoundCloud account under his stage name, “Hunk Catastrophe”. Leffler then found Morgan comfortably swaddled in her room surrounded by empty mugs of tea, watching Steven Universe.

Impressive! Mom Restructuring Sentence In Real Time To Avoid Your Pronouns

It’s happening again. Your mom is constructing the world’s longest, most confusing sentence to talk about you without using a ‘they’ pronoun. You’ve traveled home for the holidays, and Lisa, a lovely 60-year-old from next door, spots you and your mother on a walk. She asks how you have been and your mother launches into a proud update on your various accomplishments.