Impressive! Mom Restructuring Sentence In Real Time To Avoid Your Pronouns

It’s happening again. Your mom is constructing the world’s longest, most confusing sentence to talk about you without using a ‘they’ pronoun. You’ve traveled home for the holidays, and Lisa, a lovely 60-year-old from next door, spots you and your mother on a walk. She asks how you have been and your mother launches into a proud update on your various accomplishments.

Incoming! Another Text From Cis Friend Who Read ‘Detransition, Baby’ And Just Wants To Tell You That!

Brrrriing! What’s that? Another smiley-emoji-filled text from a distant cishet friend who read Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters. Your freshman year dorm-mate Kelly Konley has been proudly and publicly reading the book on the train for weeks now, and finally finished it! In honor of the occasion, she decided to text you, a trans person, who she hasn’t talked to in years. You have not read the book, but Kelly wants you to know that she? Has!