“Awf Magazine is writing humor that’s razor sharp one moment, self-deprecating the next, and extremely timely the moment after that. Quite often, it’s all three at once.”
Paste Magazine

“We loved it 😂” 
— Sean Cody

Awf Magazine, the first satire website dedicated to the LGBTQ+ experience, was launched in Spring 2019 by Ryan Leach and Griffin Leeds. 

Awf was created to provide a platform for underrepresented voices to celebrate quirks of queer life and media, but also call attention to external and internal antagonism affecting the real lives of LGBTQ+ people. Also it’s funny. Now please give us all of your approval.

Executive Editor
Ryan Leach

Associate Editor
Kyle Turner

Staff Writers
Denzel Belin
Jess Brontide
Rosa Escandón
Matt Grote
Kris Keochinda
Ái Vy Luu
Loie Plautz
Reid Pope
Anthony Schepis
Siyu Song
Karina Strom

Applications Currently Closed

Contact us with any inquiries at [email protected]!