How ‘Euphoria’ Inspired Me To Dress Like A Queer Teen With Edgy Fashion Even Though I’m 27

Back when I was 17 years old, you couldn’t show two adult actresses playing children eating each other out. Some would still argue that it’s still a little creepy and we “shouldn’t do that.” However,  I am not here to talk about drugs, sex, or mental health. I am really here to talk about fashion.


When I was 17, every single day I wore an Old Navy boat neck tee and flared jeans. What a waste! After watching the first episode of Euphoria on HBO Max, I said, “That’s it. That’s what I want to be.” My partner, who was sitting in bed next to me, asked, “Addicted to opiates?” I said, “No! A queer teen with edgy fashion.” 


She didn’t think I could do it (be ten years younger just because I feel like it), but I am here to prove her wrong even if she thinks I am “missing the point of the show.” So now, I am committed to going full Euphoria! I don’t care what my boss says when I wear a lace corset and messy purple eye shadow because that is who I am now. If those fake teens didn’t get dress coded at their high school, I am not about to be dress coded at this WeWork office. 


My life has changed a lot since embracing my new, young Euphoria aesthetic. Old me would never wear a skin-tight jumpsuit with cut-outs to pick up my niece from daycare, furthermore, I wouldn’t be an hour and a half late to pick up because I was gluing on rhinestones to my eyebrows. Is my sister mad? Yes, but that’s just because she doesn’t respect my lifestyle choices. 


My partner is thinking of taking a break because I am “pushing 30 and wore a see-through skirt to have dinner with her dad.” Like calm down I didn’t have sex with him at the only hourly motel in town, now that would be going full Euphoria.

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