Subway To Officially Round Up All Sandwiches To 7 Inches

MILFORD, CT— Sandwich lovers are getting an extra inch, reportedly.

Subway is officially rounding up their classic six-inch sub to a whopping seven inches. “Everyone says it’s about seven anyway,” a spokesperson for the restaurant franchise said. “Now it’s actually true.”

The company-wide change is an attempt to get ahead of the competition. Fast-casual chains like Panera Bread, however, rarely measure their bread. “It’s more about the experience,” an Au Bon Pain customer revealed.

In the US, anonymous surveys indicate that the average submarine sandwich is approximately 5.1 inches long—when toasted.

Subway’s popular Italian B.M.T. will remain its girthiest menu item. 

While the industry is divided on exactly how any of these measurements are taken, Delaware Subway franchisee Tom Plickett said he measures “from the tomato up.”

The “Eat Fresh” giant is also encouraging its more than 40,000 locations worldwide to provide patrons with the last time the deli meats were tested.

Antibiotic-resistant salmonella is a growing concern in the sandwich-eating population. According to the CDC, 80% of previously exclusive Subway goers now also enjoy Quizno’s once a month.

Despite the new 7-inch standard, Subway’s footlongs will go unchanged. When asked how the math adds up, the company spokesperson signed off and hasn’t signed on again in days.

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