6 Queer Icons That Are Just My Friends’ Moms

Who needs RuPaul to act right? Who needs Ryan Murphy to quit playin? Who needs Caitlyn Jenner to shut it down? Queer icons are all around us, hoes! Check out this list of six MUSES showing us how to gay it up while also showing love to their adult children:


Kat G’s Mom

This lady isn’t afraid of a gool ol’ chat, spending many a weekend canvassing for an out and proud lesbian candidate for state senate. And all with a face beat to the gawwwddsss!

Haircut: Lapsed Kate Gosselin bob
Best Queer-Adjacent Move: Cooks with figs
Icon Rating: ROCKSTAR!


Alix S’s Mom

Using bare-knuckle brawling skills built up from years in the PTA, Alix’s mom successfully shamed the local school board into rescinding its transphobic bathroom policy. *tongue click*

Haircut: The Rachel but backwards
Best Queer-Adjacent Move: Helped Alix come out to the extended family, even the assholes
Icon Rating: FIERCE!


Olivia L’s Mom

Olivia’s mom has a full plate, hunty: raising 2 biokids and 1 foster teen who was kicked out of his parent’s house.

Haircut: Shape magazine, April 2012, page 42, but without that crazy dye job
Best Queer-Adjacent Move: Uses “she/her/hers” in her email signature


Jacob B’s “Lorraine”

She loves her children more than LIFE ITSELF but that doesn’t change the fact that her name is Lorraine and not Mom! Also she leads a PFLAG group in Tuscaloosa y’all.

Haircut: Run to walmart and see if they have that spinner hair iron thing from the infomercial
Best Queer-Adjacent Move: Only asks for the manager when she wants to give great feedback
Icon Rating: BAMF


Leah T’s Dad

Plot twist BIOTCH: Leah was raised by a single mom who had to be both mom AND dad. Her best “dad” move? Threatening to kick the school bully’s ass, and his dad’s ass too if he wants to try it!

Haircut: I’ve literally never seen her without her headband on
Best Queer-Adjacent Move: Allows coed sleepovers
Icon Rating: 7 at minimum


Quincy R’s Mom

While you were talking bout it, Quincy’s mom was being bout it; being bout starting a new church that DOESN’T obsess about people’s private lives!

Haircut: Highlighted to heck and back
Best Queer-Adjacent Move: THE number one gossiper on the Drag Race Reddit



And there you have it, kids: not all parents are the fucking worst. Sound off on all the fab parental units you know in the comments below! 

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