5 Glute Workouts To Get The Ass Of A Straight Man Who Played Soccer In High School

It’s just not fair! You’re walking through Murray Hill when all of a sudden, BAM, some Finance Bro walks out of Starbucks with a fatty. Or maybe you’re picnicking in Prospect Park when all of a sudden, a frisbee lands near you. The man that picks up the frisbee is obnoxious…but the ass that walks away…Either Chad is thicc because he shops at Rhone or he played soccer in high school.

5 Pictures Of Gillian Anderson, That’s It

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but queer women believe that a picture of Gillian Anderson is worth approximately ten thousand. Look: she’s a queer icon, she’s hot, and five pictures of her carry the emotional and sexual weight of three The Price of Salts. Whether she’s rocking a flannel shirt whilst sitting on a large rock, or chaotically making a mixed drink– Ms. Anderson is incredible and the following photos are proof.