5 Chrissy Teigen Tweets That Explain Reagan’s Response To The AIDS Crisis

Chrissy Teigen built her brand on Twitter with #relatable observations and witty comebacks. Although her public opinion has waned after old tweets cyberbullying a teenager resurfaced, we were inspired to comb through Chrissy’s other old, now deleted tweets in hopes of redeeming her. What we found will blow your mind. Do Chrissy’s tweets actually provide an important lesson in 80’s history?


1. Activist Organizations Received Zero Government Support

#GMHC has been the first responders to the AIDS epidemic for 30 years in NYC. Amazing organization and proud to attend tonight.

The Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) was founded in 1981. Teigen’s choice of words, “proud to attend,” is because Pride month is a time of celebration and reflection in the queer community. They were heavily affected by the AIDS crisis, colloquially known as a “gay cancer” which the government and media ignored at the time.


2. White House Officials Ignored The Crisis

It is lame. Sometimes things aren’t that serious. It stops me from wanting to say anything because it gets so twisty.

Each and every Chrissy tweet contains LAYERS, honey. Here, a diatribe against twisting her words becomes a short monologue channeling Reagan’s press secretary Larry Speakes, who for years deflected and joked about the severity of the AIDS Crisis. Give this Thai-con a Tony Award AND an HRC Visibility Award right now because she fucking nailed the performance!


3. Reagan Stigmatized AIDS As A Punishment For Homosexuality

the finger in the slit is so fucking vile I don’t care what comes after it

This comment on a cooking video of someone sticking their finger in a bare, unseasoned chicken cutlet tips a hat to the kind of homophobic thinking that the Reagan Administration weaponized using the AIDS Crisis.


4. The Media Hid The Severity Of The Crisis

I am fascinated by “sheet pan meals” right now – sides and main cooked on the same temp at the same time on the same pan. New York Times cooking has some of the best. This is tonight:

The New York Times led the AIDS discourse, influencing Reagan’s focus on gay patients. This prestigious institution is known first for its news reporting, not recipes. Chrissy’s choice to highlight sheet pan recipes instead of front page news is damning. Her version of “Sheet-Pan Chicken With Chickpeas, Cumin, and Turmeric” was featured because cumin looks a lot like “cum in” which is a method of transmission for the HIV virus. Shady… and tasty!


5. Reagan Was Never Held Accountable For His Inaction

ugh natalie portman is so pretty i wish she ate animals

I don’t know about you, but I think this one is obvious. Natalie Portman doesn’t eat animals, but Ronald Reagan was an animal she should eat for how he treated the gay community. Why say more?


Wow. Even though she told a sixteen year-old to take a “dirt nap” and allegedly DM’d them even worse messages, Chrissy still found the time to educate the next generation on our activist history and for that we are grateful. No choice but to stan!

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