Excited For The New L Word? Here Are 20 Other New L Words To Get Excited About

The iconique queer drama returned to Showtime this month after much anticipation. But why stop at just one new L word? Here are 7 more!

1. Landingdong

(verb.) To land after a flight and immediately text your friend “Ding Dong! What’s up?”

2. Lusteep

(noun.) A hill so steep you lust after it

3. Logicalifornia

(verb.) When you make a logical decision to move to California

4. Lipaddress

(noun.) An IP address you tattoo on your lips

5. LiberalRoker

(noun.) An even more liberal Al Roker

6. Layoffthedeependwatchasidivein

(verb.) To get laid off and courageously belt “Shallow” as you collect your things

7. LikewhatIseeIthink

(verb.) To like what you see, you think, but you’re not 100 % sure

And now time for me to likewhatIseeIthink of The L Word: Generation Q!

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