5 Pictures Of Gillian Anderson, That’s It

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but queer women believe that a picture of Gillian Anderson is worth approximately ten thousand. Look: she’s a queer icon, she’s hot, and five pictures of her carry the emotional and sexual weight of three The Price of Salts.

Whether she’s rocking a flannel shirt whilst sitting on a large rock, or chaotically making a mixed drink– Ms. Anderson is incredible and the following photos are proof.

Do you feel like you just watched six seasons of The L Word, Instagram-stalked Lena Waithe, read an erotic novel, wrote a gender studies thesis, AND cried over a Suburu commercial, all in one quick scroll?!


Well, that’s the power of Gillian Anderson– not even her actual being, but merely five somewhat low-quality photos of her. Her overwhelming gay energy practically writes articles by itself. Now… why don’t you go do what we’re all thinking about and watch that one scene from The Fall where G.A. kisses Archi Panjabi! Come on, you know you want to… 

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