5 MLK Quotes To Cover Your Naughty Bits On Your Finsta

Everyone’s favorite and only holiday centered around a Black guy is coming up! In a sexually liberated world, why is it that our annual attempt at supporting Black people is so buttoned up?!


We gathered the top five Martin Luther King Jr. quotes that you can easily (thanks Instagram!) use to cover up your naughty bits to give a titillating twist of activism for your Finsta on this special, special day.


1. “A lie cannot live.”

Short, sweet and to the point, you can format this piece of inspiration to any size! It will still be legible as it protects you from the censorship police the way that no white person protected the Reverend from the actual police!


2. “There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love.”

Maybe you shouldn’t find sexual meaning in this chillingly inspirational thought, and yet, the double entendres write themselves! Have fun with breaking this up to cover a variety of areas of nudity and make it clear that you care enough about MLK’s legacy to Google “MLK Quotes” and pull any one at random!


3. “I have a dream”

Sometimes, your first thought is the best thought, and it’s hard to go wrong with this classic! Everyone will know that you are quoting the correct guy with this quote and it let’s your selective audience know that you did, in fact, pay attention the WHOLE month of February in 4th grade. They’ll be inspired and thirsting to pay for the uncovered pics of your nips and bits with an affordable monthly subscription.


4. “We shall overcome someday”

This isn’t an actual MLK original quote nor is there any real evidence that he sang the song, but we all can admit, this was the Civil Rights jam since it is the only jam countless documentaries play when covering Dr. King!

Martin was hip with the times and there is nothing better than channeling a jazzy negro spiritual to someone who might screenshot this photo and really go to town on it later! Just think – both you and the Civil Rights hero both will have lasting memories!


5. “What happens when a man says enough is enough?”

Okay, yes, this may have been David Oyelowo when he portrayed King in the 2014 flick, Selma, but surely, they must have done their research on the man. Either way, it channels a raw, passionate energy for the man. And what could make someone hornier on this day than you giving the illusion that you believe Black Lives Matter yet refuse to read about the actual lives they led!


So there you have it: the top five MLK quotes to cover your naughty bits on your Finsta. Don’t think too hard about which one you choose because at the end of the day everyone will be reading between the lines to see how much skin they can get in. Happy Bamboozling! 

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