What To Do When You Discover Your Favorite Sex Toy Is Actually A Jade Face Roller

Uh oh! You were watching another Allure daily routine when you saw a model rub your favorite sex toy all over her face, and then she called it a… jade face roller?

You’re sent into a Googling frenzy to ascertain the purpose of that doohickey your now-ex-partner definitely re-gifted to you last Valentines Day because they didn’t know what it was either.

But don’t worry—we’ve all been there! And you still have options. You can either keep using for a purpose that you know works really… really well… and pretend you never saw that video, or decide it’s time to get into lymphatic massage.

Either way, you’ll probably be too embarrassed to even tell your therapist about this. It’d be like the time you mistook lube for a facial moisturizer all over again.

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