Ally Alert! Makeup Brand Releases New Inclusive Rainbow Shades, Still No Dark Brown

Just in time for Pride, Indie makeup brand Skyn Stix has expanded the shade range of their flagship foundation and concealer to include all seven colors of the rainbow! Their shade range now includes gay colors like purple, blue, and green.


You can wear these bright shades all June! And, if you’re black or brown, you can wear them the whole year ‘round because there are still no foundation shades darker than a paper bag.


Styn Stix’s founder and CEO explained that the brand wanted to be as inclusive as possible and reached out to their gay customers of all skin types: oily light skin, mature light skin, dry light skin, and even a light-skinned bisexual. Inspired!


While other brands were working to expand their shade ranges into boring non-gay colors like “brown” or “dark brown,” Skyn Stix spent six months working with top cosmetic chemists perfecting the formulations for the first gay rainbow foundation shades on the market! 


They even collaborated with TikTok influencer, and ally (probably), Addison Rae who said, “I’m just excited that gay people will finally be able to wear makeup. Like my friend James Charles. Finally, there’s a makeup line for him!” 


The rainbow line will be in stores and online for a limited time in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and indigo on top of the line’s flagship 50 shades of beige. Five percent of all proceeds will go towards the James Corden Movie Musical fund while 100% of the palette will only be useful to people in shades James Corden, pale James Corden, and James Corden summer. 


This is a historic moment for the entire LGBT community. According to one dark-skinned lesbian: “Wait are they for real?!” 


Love wins!

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