Quiz: RuPaul’s Drag Race Queen or Yankee Candle Scent?

Have you ever heard a Yankee Candle scent and thought it was a drag queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race? You’re not alone.

153 queens have stomped the iconic runway, so you’ve inevitably forgotten some who appeared on the show. It’s time for the ultimate test: RuPaul’s Drag Race Queen or Yankee Candle scent: 



1. Camellia Blossom

Candle: Correct! Good job!

Drag Queen: WRONG! This might sound like a Drag Queen, but this favorite floral fragrance is famously from the 2014 Yankee Fall collection.


2. May Harvest

Candle: Correct! HOLY CROP- that’s right!

Drag Queen: WRONG! This is the candle I bought when I went on my first date with my ex, Joshua. This candle smells incredible, but I wouldn’t recommend having a first date in a Yankee Candle store.


3. Shea Butter

Candle: Correct! Smooth!

Drag Queen: WRONG! You must not have ordered this candle online thinking it was actual shea butter like I did. Luckily, it turned out to be one of my favorite scents.


4. Vanilla Cupcake

Candle: Correct! Mmmmmmm-arvelous!

Drag Queen: WRONG! This candle reminds me of my grandma’s famous cupcakes she used to make with me before she found out I was gay. We burned this candle at her funeral and now that’s all I can associate this smell with now.


5. Lemon Lavender

Candle: Correct! No pun here, you’re just literally correct!

Drag Queen: WRONG! Have you ever walked into a sorority house to help your best friend get ready for a date function — with the closeted frat boy who cried after you had sex with him — and wondered, “what’s that smell?” It’s this aromatic candle.


6. Clean Cotton

Candle: Correct! Now that’s a fresh answer!

Drag Queen: WRONG! Life hack–don’t wash your sheets. Instead, melt this candle down and lightly spread it over your linens. Works like a charm.


7. Kitchen Spice

Candle: Correct! Someone’s cooking with gas!

Drag Queen: WRONG! If you can’t afford food anymore because you squandered all of your money on Yankee candles– light this scent while you’re eating and it really gives any meal a nice kick of flavor.


8. Just Plain Fresh 

Candle: Correct! Just plain right!

Drag Queen: WRONG! Seriously?




0 Correct:

Sashay Away! You must have never seen an episode of Drag Race or wandered around a Yankee Candle store for hours on end.


1 – 7 Correct:

Shantay Okay! Most people confuse at least one of the candle scents for a forgotten Drag Race queen. Join your fellow queers and get ready for another 7 consecutive seasons of Drag Race this year. Soon enough every queen will just be a scent!


8 Correct:

Shantay You Stay! Do you work at Yankee Candle? Can you get me a discount?!

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