Incredible! Gay Continues To Make ‘WERK From Home’ Joke Months Into Quarantine

25-year-old gay inspiration Joshie Samuels has continued to post videos of himself in Chromatica underwear, blasting music, and shouting “This is what WERKing from home looks like!” despite the fact that we’re months into quarantine.


Samuels says that “now more than ever,” being gay is his personality. He’s thankful that he’s able to WERK! during these unprecedented times, because many are not able to do so. “I just want people to know they can SLAY inside,” says Samuels. “BARRYs is available online, vodka is available for delivery, and I am AVAILABLE for online Zoom dates!” 


When he’s not “werking” online, Samuels works in sales for Heinz Ketchup. He is silent on conference calls and wears neutral-toned button ups. His parents got him his Heinz job and have not addressed his sexuality since Joshie accidentally left a Sean Cody tab open on their desktop computer while home for the holidays. 


Samuels looks forward to leveling up as a gay on Instagram in the coming months. “I’m thinking of maybe saying WERK FROM HOMO!” says Samuels. “People will gag for that. They’re so appreciative that I’m out here doing the #WERK. Pride may be over, but our fight will never be.”


When asked to specify what he’s “fighting” for, Samuel replied, “the right to WERK.” 

Samuels encourages everyone to stay home and follow him on Insta if they can. He would also like to remind readers that, again, he is very, very single.

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