Drag Queen At Reopened Bar Lip Syncs For Her Life, Dies

Local gay bar Tattle posted via Instagram that beloved drag queen Pam Demic has tragically passed away from complications due to COVID-19. Pam Demic and the gay community proudly rallied around AFG Restaurant Holdings LLC, packing the tables as the restaurant conglomerate reopened the doors of Tattle during an unbridaled pandemic outbreak.


Bar patrons fondly remembered Pam’s final lewk, which featured red stilettos and a sequined N95 mask. The crowd could be heard yelling, “you’re giving me lifeeeeee!” Unfortunately, contact tracing later confirmed they gave the performer a deadly case of the novel coronavirus.


The audience was wowed by Pam Demic’s reveal of a clear vinyl mask under her N95. One of the men accurately described the performance as “sickening” because he gave Pam COVID-19 when he placed a $1 bill in her mouth. The climax of the number was a literal death drop by the drag queen before she sashayed away having fully gotten COVID-19.


Friends remembered Pam for how much she loved performing drag and were consoled that Pam Demic got to do her favorite song one last time: Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.” Ultimately, the young, talented performer did not survive.


When reached for comment, AFG Restaurant Holdings LLC replied: “Tattle has happy hour specials Tuesdays through Sundays. Masc optional. [wink emoji]”

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