Pornhub Introduces ‘Longing Glances’ Category

PHOENIX, AZ— Pornhub has announced a new category to draw in new viewers to the streaming mega-site — devoted viewers can find the new category labeled “Longing Glances.” 


While most people wouldn’t consider two people looking at each other from afar for 30 seconds porn, Pornhub aims to change that. The site has realized that for too long, it has overlooked a key demographic, women, queers, and people who are just a little too into period pieces. The site hopes that the new category can bring these users into the world of Pornhub.


Lance Howard, VP of Creative New Media at Pornhub, said via a statement about the category, “We understand that nothing is hotter for this demographic than two people who want for nothing but each other but can’t be together and we want to supply that.” 


Researchers found focus groups cared less about sucking and fucking and more about the experience of riding a subway, catching a stranger’s eye, and imagining a world where you meet to plan a wild and exciting life and grow old together just before they step off the train at the next stop and fade from view slowly as the sliding doors close. Researchers knew it was then time to try to condense that feeling into a 10-minute video produced in an empty mansion in The Valley. 


Pornhub is set to produce new content for the category. Titles that will start the category include, “Chesty Pirates On Passing Ships,” “Huge Gaps In Social Status,” and “Two People On Opposite Sides Of A Windowpane.” At first many of the actors and directors had a hard time capturing the feeling, but producers hope for amateur and community longing will fill in any gaps in the section. 


Pornhub producers extensively studied the genre by looking to films like Call Me By Your Name and Carol to capture a uniquely queer feeling that is one part horny, one part sad, and all parts a knowing look shared by two people as others dance at a happening party behind them.


Researchers found that “sharing a secret that can never be spoken aloud” and “people kept apart by society” were far more effective aphrodisiacs for queers than they expected. Many lesbian focus group members found the category is far more realistic than other lesbian content on the site, as lesbian viewers have done longing glances far more than kissing someone’s stepmom in the middle of an SAT tutoring session.


When asked, “wait, but is this actually porn though?” a Porn Hub rep said, “um…. Well sexuality contains multitudes, and we usually try to include one shot of a butt for good measure.”

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