6 Things To Watch This Fall That Are Just As Homophobic As Football

For sports fans, football is as synonymous with the fall season as the leaves changing, pumpkin spice lattes, and the sound of children playing Smear The Queer in the school yard on the first day back from summer break. Us die-hards can never get enough of it and any day that passes without a game feels hollow and wasted. That’s why we came up with a list of content that has all the action, drama, and engrained homophobia we know and love about football that you can watch while waiting for your next fix of the best damn sport on the planet.

Late Ballots Reveal They Were At A Drag Brunch And Lost Track Of Time

Mail-in ballots in crucial battleground states announced that they didn’t arrive by Election Day because they were at a drag brunch and lost track of time. “We meant to be here so we could help relieve the nation’s stress, but we were having such a good time knocking back bellinis and judging lip sync battles that we got sidetracked,” noted a ballot in Nevada’s Clark County.