Tumblr Gay Turned Twitter Gay Now TikTok Gay
In a social media metamorphosis few could have predicted, local gay Dane Taylour announced on Twitter that he is making the jump to TikTok.

Once a staple figure in Tumblr’s bustling queer fan fiction scene, Taylour left the dwindling platform after the lewd content ban, opting to start a new online life as a feisty Twitter twink. “I needed an outlet that didn’t limit my sexual creativity,” explained Taylour, whose account mostly features thirst trap photos, tweets asking for money on Cash App, and veiled death threats towards Jeffree Star.

The 20-year-old says TikTok will allow him to “completely reinvent [his] online persona,” and plans to upload ample shirtless videos of himself dancing to songs by Lana Del Ray or Doja Cat. “I’m so excited to show the world the new me!”
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