Here Is Our Branded Trans Day Of Visibility Post

Today is trans visibility day. Here’s our branded trans day of visibility post. Our PR team has proofed this 600 times. Every executive in our company is clenching their asshole in anticipation of this going up today. 


We as a company love trans. We don’t post about it often. Or really ever. But because today is trans day, we are posting about trans.


This post is awesome. It is the same post we used for lesbian day of visibility and bi day of visibility with four words changed. We will put a rainbow sticker on this post and use it for #PrideMonth too. We are going to get comments on this trans post from conservative people. But we do not care, because we are a brave and forward-thinking brand. 


What’s really cool, is we have no trans employees. But one of our employees’ sister’s friends is trans. We are so proud of that person for being trans. They are so courageous and strong. 


We hope you are not still reading this. We hope that, by this point, you’ve gone to our website and added our products to your cart. If you are still reading, you can use offer code TRANSGENDERPOWER for 3% off any item of your choice from our men’s section or our women’s section. A cut of your purchase will go to a trans organization maybe. We forget the name of it. 


#TDOV #Brands4Trans

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