Lesbians Cope With Cara Delevingne And Ashley Benson’s Split By Googling Who They Are Exactly

After the recent split of Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson, queer women everywhere are forced to ask themselves if love is even real anymore. They are also forced to ask themselves who these women are, and what do they do?


Lesbian blogger, Leslie Johnson, reportedly spent hours “crying while Google image searching” Delevingne and Benson.


“I’m devastated, but also really confused. Are they models, actors, or vegan influencers? Or all three? I need to know!” said Johnson. “Also who gets to keep that ergonomically designed sex bench they were photographed with last year? And when will it be on Amazon prime?!”


Neither Benson nor Delevingne have released statements about who will be attaining custody of said bench. 

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