Lesbian Blissfully Forgets About ‘The L Word’ Reboot For A Little While

LOS ANGELES, CA— This week, one local lesbian, Winona Young, was happy to report that she had not thought about “The L Word: Generation Q” for at least ten months. According to Young, “this has been one of the hardest years of my life, but I still feel so lucky that I was able to live as if ‘The L Word’ cinematic universe was never expanded.”


Young’s euphoria was, of course, short-lived. With the second season premiering, it became increasingly difficult for Young to maintain her blissful ignorance of Finley–the less likable Gen Q version of Shane who is just so fucking annoying. She used her extra brain space to actually respond to some of her Tinder matches and get laid. 


COVID delayed production of the second season and thus prolonged Young’s sweet obliviousness. According to Young, “I hate to say COVID did anything good… but it did grant me a few extra months of peace.” 


Sadly, Young reported that the reminder of the reboot came when she least expected it. She was out on a stroll when she spotted a Pomeranian and couldn’t help but think about Jenny adopting and killing that dog to get back at a journalist for writing one negative review. 


When asked if she would be watching the new season, Young gave a defeated shrug and pulled out a full handle of vodka. She mumbled that she would resume her quest to forget that Kamala Harris had a cameo in season one, even if it meant being left out of the conversation in the lesbian group chat.  

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