Pete Buttigieg Podcast Just 45 Minutes Of The Sound Of Rolling Up Sleeves

WASHINGTON, D.C.— In 2020, it seemed as though everyone who doesn’t already have one is trying to start a podcast, the brand new audio medium that burst onto the scene over a decade ago. Stars from Conan O’Brien and Dax Shepherd have recently created podcasts of their own, and politicians are close behind with Pete Buttigieg getting in on the action. The new U.S. Secretary of Transportation has taken a unique direction; upon first listen, it appears to be simply forty five minutes of the sound of rolling up sleeves.


While Buttigieg could not be reached for comment, according to Chasten’s Twitter page, each episode will include Pete and a revolving door of centrists rolling up their sleeves, as if to convey the message, ‘Let’s Get to Work!’, or ‘There’s Nothing We Can’t Accomplish If We Work Together!’


The first episode features Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards rolling up the sleeves of a freshly ironed standard Banana Republic 17” neck white collar button down, obviously a nod to the need to get to work regarding the ongoing degradation of the Gulf Coast due to climate change.


Buttigieg himself can be heard unbuttoning the sleeves of an Oxford blue dress shirt, emphasizing his man-of-the-people persona, and rolling to the crux of the elbow, an obvious nod to his trepidation about taxing the one percent in order to direct FEMA funds towards regions affected by rising sea levels.


Despite a moment where the two roll their sleeves at the same time, in disagreement about whether to simply reject Congressional proposals for student loan forgiveness or to offer borrowers a five dollar coupon to Dairy Queen instead, the podcast episode was overall a civil discussion about the two politicians’ lack of vision for America. 


Future guests of the podcast include Cory Booker, who will be wearing a Brooks Brothers french collar blue button down with a contrasting pink tie, in an effort to show his non-toxic masculinity while he discusses reducing carbons emissions by 1% by 2025. Also, Chelsea Clinton, wearing a sensible navy blouse from Ann Taylor Loft to discuss giving maternity leave to blonde women.


When asked about how the podcast will factor into time management with Pete Buttigieg’s new role as Joe Biden’s Secretary of Transportation, Buttigieg said “I plan on just starting a few bike share programs and then call it a day.”  

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