Cis Man Finally “Gets” Gender Spectrum After Comparison To XBox Models

REDMOND, WA— Area man Shane Smith announced he understands that gender is a construct after reviewing Microsoft’s naming convention for XBox Models. Prompted by his embarrassment after mis-modeling the new XBox, calling it an XBox One X when he meant XBox Series X, Shane reflected on why he was embarrassed for calling a gaming console by the wrong model despite repeatedly calling his co-worker by the wrong gender without shame. 


Shane went public with his breakthrough posting to Facebook, “It’s important to accurately specify the XBox models because the experience of a XBox 360 is distinct from the experience of playing on a XBox Series X.” His post went on to explain,  “Microsoft will introduce new SKUs to its lineup to match gamer experiences, and so too our models for gender must evolve as gender expression changes over time.”


Despite initially claiming that pronouns was “confusing”, Shane realized he actually did have the mental capacity to understand a simple concept concluding in his Facebook post that, “It’s a few extra names to remember but it’s not that hard if you pay a normal amount of attention.” 


In addition to his Facebook post, Shane proudly updated his Slack profile to include his pronouns and XBox model. The queer people in his office collectively sighed and in exacerbated unison said, “I guess he sorta gets it now.”

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