Report: Top Typing

SARASOTA, FL— Local bottom Brandon Harris reported that Randy Peters, a top, began typing a response to his text “When can we hang again?” on Monday morning. Harris reportedly has been waiting to hear from Peters for several months.


“Sometimes I wonder if he loses his phone or if he doesn’t know how to open it,” Harris said. “Once, I saw smoke coming from near his house and thought he might be sending me smoke signals, but it was just his neighbor’s shed on fire.”


Harris and Peters have been texting since meeting in person after a three-minute chat on Grindr in 2019. This is reportedly the longest time Harris has waited for a response.


“I got so excited when I saw that little ellipsis after four months that I immediately showed all my friends at brunch,” Harris said.


Harris keeps a spreadsheet tracking Peters’ response times in an attempt to discover a pattern, but has not been able to find one yet. He also tracks the outcome of their messages with a “majority” leading to Harris getting “absolutely destroyed.”


“My friends suggested I get ready to see him right away,” Harris said, after bragging about his encounters with Peters.  


While the three dots did disappear for a short time in the afternoon leaving Harris feeling rejected and alone, the ellipsis is reportedly back and he is still waiting for a response. He says the time to compose a message is making him only “slightly concerned” Peters is actually too considerate to be a top.

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