With Temperatures Dropping, ‘Sir–Sorry–Ma’am’ Season Approaches

There’s a chill in the air, and you know what that means: time to rock some Fall fashion that will have people saying “Sir! Sorry–Ma’am” as they try to decipher your gender! Whether it be at the store, in the park, or at home, it feels good to be called ‘sir,’ and these looks will get you thateven if it’s just for one brief moment.


The ‘Sir–Sorry–Ma’am’ Puffy Coat

Not only are these big puffy coats super warm, they also confuse the Hell out of strangers all around you! Made with breathable fabric, there’s no need to take it off when you’re waiting for the coffee you ordered. Before you know it, you’ll be hearing, “sir? Sir? Oh, sorry! Ma’am! Are you in line?”

You’re not a ma’am, and no, you’re just waiting for your oat milk cappuccino to be ready in your ‘Sir–Sorry–Ma’am’ puffy coat! Rocking this coat makes you a puzzle that they’ve just got to figure out.


The ‘Sir–Sorry–Ma’am’ Tee

Who doesn’t love a comfy oversized t-shirt that hides the shape of your body? Made with soft, 100% organic cotton, you will want to lounge around the house in these bad boys and make even your own mother go, “Oh! I thought you were your brother!”

It was dark in the kitchen, but still–it’s almost like she was finally accepting your gender!


The ‘Sir–Sorry–Ma’am’ Jeans

These relaxed-fit jeans are perfect for an evening stroll in the park to see the Autumn leaves, and they are sure to have the creep lurking behind a tree yelling, “hey, man––I mean, lady! Fuck you!”

Made with the highest-quality materials and a timeless design, you’ll be able to speed away into the nearest bodega before he figures out what kind of hate crime he should commit!


The ‘Sir–Sorry–Ma’am’ Mask

Safe and comfort-tested, this mask looks fashionable while hiding your gender from the security guards at the Museum of Natural History. Their confusion as they shout, “Sir! SorryMa’am! Ma’am! Sir! Stop!!” will give you just the opportunity you need to make your escape with those fossils.

Nicely done. It’s also machine-washable!


And there you have it! A full wardrobe that will keep you nice and warm as temperature drop while giving you some brief moments of gender euphoria. Relish it before the snow melts and “Ma’am! Ma’am!” season comes again.

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