Lesbian Backs Into Parking Spot For No Apparent Reason

Leslie Middleton, driver of a sage green 2011 Subaru Forrester Limited Edition, was running her usual Saturday morning errands and stopped at the farm and garden supercenter to purchase more chalk to line the local softball field. As she pulled into the Northgate Shopping Plaza, Middleton was in luck—a spot opened up two rows left of center and three spots back. Amongst straight people, this is known as “rock star parking.”

Study Finds Cishet Men Understand What ‘Lesbian’ Means Until You Tell Them You Are One

A new study has found that most men (85%) understand what “lesbian” means, but that even more men (98%) don’t understand what it means that you are one. This discovery has prompted important questions among leading social scientists, such as: how did this chasm in understanding develop? How can we close the gap? And how difficult can this possibly be in the first place?