Drag Race Episode All Sound Effects

Fans across the nation confirmed on Saturday that the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race was entirely sound effects.


“I still liked the episode, though. I didn’t think anything was lost without the words,” said fan Terry Platt. “I knew when someone was talking bad about someone because there was the rattle snake sound, and I knew when someone said something dumb because there was the slide whistle sound. It’s like I’ve been classically conditioned for it.”


Platt went on to describe a memorable scene from the episode where the camera cut to one contestant in the Werk Room and played a ‘shhhhhtingtingting’ sound, then cut to another contestant and played a ‘bawng’ sound, and then cut to a third contestant’s confessional that just had muted clapping play over it.


“The bottom two had to lip sync to a RuPaul song and they actually didn’t play any sound effects over that,” continued Platt. “But the song is pretty much all sound effects anyway so it wasn’t much of a difference.”


In the final scene of the episode, Ru eliminated one of the queens, not through words but by having slow, sad ambient music play when she looked at her.


Sources confirm that the next episode doesn’t contain a single second of dead air.

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