5 Gender Neutral Swimsuits That Let Everyone Know You Ride A Penny Farthing Bicycle

If your gender identity falls outside of the binary, shopping for swimwear can be fraught with peril. Fear not! We’ve scoured the racks for every available gender neutral bathing suit—and here are all five of them! If your idea of a beach body is dressing like a 19th century circus strongman, you’ll love these suits that flatter nobody everybody!

1. Nautical Navy Tank

Nothing says “Summer of (19)20” like a nautical navy number with contrasting piping. The fabric is pure vintage—thick, itchy, and absorbent! The suit’s sporty cut allows for full range of motion when climbing aboard your Penny Farthing bicycle. It will be your go-to summer wardrobe, whether you’re foisting large, triangular shaped weights at the gymnasium or dropping your monocle off at the optometrist. 

2. B&W Striped Trunk

Get ready to “steal” the scene in an arresting black and white striped tank. You’ll be breaking all the laws of gendered fashion while steaming your non-binary buns! Add a wide-brimmed, black sun hat for a real “Hamburglar vibe.” Robble, robble!

3. Retro Singlet

If you’ve ever had a confusing dream about being on the wrestling team, do we have a swimsuit for you! This silhouette flatters every body, even ones riddled with feelings of dysphoria. We love how the funky racing stripe draws the eye away from how self conscious you feel in a bathing suit! The moment you put it on, you’ll be wondering “Where am I supposed to use the bathroom at this water park? No, seriously… I can’t get the suit off once it’s wet.”

4. Striped Long Two-Piece 

Don’t sleep on this long line beachwear! Make the lazy days of summer last forever in this dreamy two piece set. You’ll have everyone at the clambake asking “Why are you dressed like a character from ‘The Boy In The Striped Pajamas?’” Bonus: The full coverage bottoms mean you’ll cut your sunscreen usage in half!

5. Cutout Tank

Shapeless swimwear that shows no skin? Cut it out! If you’re looking for something a bit more revealing, try this unique suit that definitely doesn’t look like two unrelated swimsuits sewn together. We love how it gives a tasteful peek of side body while making sure to completely cover your nipples regardless of where you fall on the gender spectrum. 

Now that we’ve taken the guesswork out of what to wear to the beach, you can spend your summer doing what you love: making tedious micro-adjustments to the spoon brake so you don’t fly headfirst off your bike every time you ride downhill.

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