Gay Man More Upset About Death Of Lea Michele’s Career Than Murder Of George Floyd

NEW YORK, NY—In the wake of George Floyd’s death and the wave of global protests that have ensued demanding for police accountability, local gay man and self-professed “Gleek Til I Die” Ray Delmonico has been mourning the loss of Lea Michele’s career.


“Look. The George Floyd thing is like sad and all, but Rachel Berry was a personal hero of mine. Finding out that she’s racist is really fucking me up right now. You cannot possibly fathom what I’m going through,” Delmonico said.


After the former Glee star posted her support of the Black Lives Matter movement on social media, she faced extreme backlash for her abhorrent on-set treatment of black costars.  


“What’s happened to Lea is a grave injustice. If we don’t stand up for problematic white queer icons when their self-inflicted harm comes back to bite them in the ass, who will?” he added while wearing an “I Can’t Berry-eathe” t-shirt.


Delmonico has stated that, while he hasn’t stepped out of his apartment to attend a single protest or donate any of his parent’s vast wealth to the myriad of worthy causes currently in need of support, he plans to protest Michele’s career demise by walking the streets with his thumb and index finger in the shape of an L on his forehead until justice is served.


When reaching out to Michele for comment, she declined other than to express that even she has a line.

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