Grindr Replaces Ethnicity Filter With ‘Just A Preference’ Filter

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA—The Diversity Team of Grindr HQ, which consists of a white twink, a white bear, a white otter, and a guy from Europe, celebrates its win for the immediate overhaul of the ethnicity filter to be replaced with a “Just a Preference Filter.”


The filter is described on the Grindr website as a way to “judge a book by its cover—just like how every time you decide to read a new book, you decided to just re-read the Harry Potter series.” When activated, the filter simply data mines your personal information and presents potential connections that feel familiar but just barely not crossing into familial.


The committee reached an unanimous decision after hearing proposals from literally millions of people criticizing the racist implications of the sorting.


“I saw this injustice everywhere,” stated Ben Sanders, otter. After binge watching TV shows like Pose, Legendary, and the news. I learned for the first time that judging people by the color of their skin isn’t fair when you do it openly.”


Other member of the committee shared similar sentiments.


“Everyone loves a little game of cat and mouse when it comes to the art of flirting,” shared Ben Roberts, twink. “This is just like that, except the cat is being coy that it has been systematically taught that white mice are better than other mice based on no actual merit.”


One user in response to the update wrote that he found “such a colorful buffet of people with abs” that he never would have found before. He followed up later saying he “eventually did find the new ‘Just A Preference’ filter and while diversity is great, it was “too spicy for his palette.”


“You can really tell that our one hour of inclusivity training has really paid off,” added Ben Vogel, European.


Data shows the popular hook-up app had a high uptick in downloads since changes were implemented in the latest update, shorty followed by a spike in deletions from the phones of BIPOC users. 

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