TV Show Calling In The Big Guns When Casting Lesbian Girlfriend Guest Role

The creative team behind the Netflix series Tugboat confirmed that they called in the big guns and casted Clea Duvall in a lesbian girlfriend guest role.


“Clea’s the gold standard,” said showrunner Valerie Sorent. “Her resumé really speaks for itself: lesbian girlfriend in Handmaid’s Tale, lesbian girlfriend in VEEP, lesbian girlfriend in Broad City. We had to have her. Not for five or six episodes but maybe one or two.”


“We were worried she’d be booked doing a lesbian girlfriend guest role on a different show but we really lucked out,” Sorent continued. “Now, all that’s left to figure out is whether her character should wear a low ponytail or a baseball hat. Maybe both!”


Viewers were quick to applaud the show for their casting choice. “Oh shit,” said fan Rebecca Kurt, “Clea Duvall. They mean business. I mean not Sarah-Paulson-level business, but still business.”


Fan forums exploded with speculation that even if Duvall would not play an explicitly queer character, she’d play a presumably queer character. Like an outsider in a paranormal thriller or a buttoned up detective.


“You just know Clea Duvall is going to deliver and the character’s going to be in good hands,” continued Kurt, “I was going to stop watching this show but now I’ll watch for at least a couple more episodes.” 


At press time, the show was really shooting for the moon and cast Cherry Jones as the same character in a flash forward.

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