Ben Platt/Noah Galvin Sex Tape Just Each Of Them Hitting A High C

The hottest new musical theater couple has just gotten even hotter as an intimate tape of Ben Platt and Noah Galvin was leaked this weekend, depicting the musical theater loving boyfriends each hitting a high C.


In the video, the two fully clothed men lounge on separate grand pianos at either end of a room, and begin casually singing not quite “to”, but at, each other, both getting increasingly louder and higher. The sexual chemistry is palpable as Platt counters Galvin’s falsetto vibrato with a crescendo into a high B flat, only for both to stand on their respective grand pianos and belt a high C at each other, shattering the glass out of the windows.


The tape was leaked via who allegedly received it from an email address that can be traced back to the production crew of The Politician, leading some to speculate that the tape may have been leaked by the two men on purpose.


When questioned, notorious best friend of the duo, Beanie Feldstein was quoted saying, “That’s not like them at all. The Ben and Noah I know would never have intentionally leaked an intimate moment like that,” before belting a high C herself. “And for what? Fame? Attention? Do you think the stars of Dear Evan Hansen and the critically unclaimed 2-season hit show The Real O’Neals would do that?” Feldstein then handed out signed headshots to the surrounding journalists.


Platt himself posted a front facing camera video on his Instagram apologizing for the incident. “What you witnessed is beautiful, of course, but should never have been made public and I’m sorry to my fans. If I had known that a perfectly lit video would be made public, of my boyfriend and I engaging in a lover’s duet, complete with camera angles that were flattering to both of us in a 16:3 aspect ratio, with a five minute interlude for each of us to do a monologue, I would have done everything I could to get a cameo by Judith Light.”


At press time, Galvin had not publicly addressed the video, but had posted a single Instagram story of a piano emoji.

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