Pornhub Introduces ‘Longing Glances’ Category

Pornhub has announced a new category to draw in new viewers to the streaming mega-site — devoted viewers can find the new category labeled “Longing Glances.” While most people wouldn’t consider two people looking at each other from afar for 30 seconds porn, Pornhub aims to change that. The site has realized that for too long, it has overlooked a key demographic, women, queers, and people who are just a little too into period pieces. The site hopes that the new category can bring these users into the world of Pornhub.

How To Come Out Over Zoom To Ruin This Thanksgiving

If you are anything like me, you have been waiting all year to come out at the right time, just as the turkey hits the table. However, you might be thinking, “but how can I do it this year? since May I have been living in my mom’s guest room.” Well don’t worry, you still can, with only a couple of small tweaks, you can turn a Zoom Thanksgiving into a fight about why “it’s not a choice, Uncle Stew” as quickly as you can in person.