5 Straight Girls To Crush On Before Deciding To Love Yourself

Hey, we’ve all been there. It takes a few rounds of crushing on unavailable women and having your heart broken before realizing the toxic pattern you’ve put yourself in and just loving yourself instead. You might think that you started loving yourself after your first mistake, but in reality, it took exactly five. No more, no less. Here are five very straight girls to have big fat crushes on before really realizing it was time for some basic self love.

5 Windows To Gaze Out Of And Yearn

It’s quarantine, y’all. So many of us are trapped inside and doing a lot of looking out the window for entertainment, but queer women have always seemed to add a signature move when it comes to gazing out of that sweet, shiny glass: yearning. It could be for a lover of the past that you never got to caress, a lover of the present that you might never get to caress again, or a future lover that you might never get to caress at all. Here are 5 windows (and a few bonuses) that are decidedly the best for gazing out of and yearning: