Asians Check In On White Friends To Avoid More Hate Crimes Caused By Bad Days

ATLANTA, GA— In a difficult and tragic week, the nation was reminded that white people experiencing any sort of hardship results in the needless murder of people of color. Following another horrific mass shooting and subsequent social media campaigns, Asians across the country checked in on their white friends to make sure they were doing okay.


The inability of police and media to adequately hold white people accountable highlighted the urgent importance of managing the feelings of Caucasians. Asian Americans and allies were quickly called to action to guarantee safety for minorities by working together to make sure Caucasians never experience another difficult day.


Having already been the docile and stoic presence for white classmates, co-workers, and partners, Asians across the country selflessly helped their white friends with a range of challenges from understanding structural racism to resetting their WiFi.


Brian Yee, an Asian, reached out to a white co-worker, Sarah, who he hadn’t spoken to in 6 years. Yee was certain to let her know that he is listening and is here for her if there’s anything he can do. While Brian finds the work of placating white people exhausting, for him it is also life or death.


“I’m now just really scared my white friends will go on a shooting spree if I don’t let them watch Bridgerton with my Netflix account,” said Yee.

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