Anal Miracle! I Thought My Hole Would Burn for Only One Night, But it Burned for Eight Nights

As dawn broke on Thursday morning, Amelia Buckley’s ass got railed by a Tinder match. And for eight miraculous nights afterward, her hole burned. 


“My partner had just broken up with me,” explained the still aching 24-year-old. “It was a total rebound. We got back to her place andlet’s just say we rededicated the temple.” 


However, Buckley’s faith in the strap was wavering: “It was only five inches. I thought, ‘Five inches is nothing. How long could my ass really hurt after this?’” 


Buckley felt a little sore the next morning. Certain the discomfort would pass quickly, she bought only a travel-size Aquaphor. 


But against all odds, her ravaged hole burned stronger and stronger each night. “It was like every night a new fire was being lit under my ass.” 


Dr. Trey Peralta treated Buckley’s blazing butthole with prescription-grade fissure ointment. He was profoundly moved by the experience. “In all my years as a doctor, I’ve never seen a hole burn for so long. This should not have happened. But, here’s the thing: it did.” 


Her burning asshole has left Buckley feeling hopeful. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all of this, it’s the power of the strap,” shared Buckley, full of awe. “I will never question my belief in the strap again.” 


Buckley plans to continue sharing her tale far and wide. “I believe future generations should learn about my hole. There’s truly something in my story for everyone.” She is currently writing a book.

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